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Hunter Belle Cheese Tasting Notes

Hunter Belle exclusively uses Brown Swiss cows’ milk sourced fresh from a local family at Singleton. Brown Swiss milk is excellent for cheese production, high in fats and full of protein which allows us to make our beautiful artisan products with bold flavour and creamy consistency.

Hunter Belle have won a wonderful array of medals for a selection of our cheese and milk, most recently including: DIAA Australian Gold Medals for Ash Brie, Herb & Garlic Marinated Feta and Hunter Haloumi. Caramelised Onion & Thyme Cheddar and Cranberry & Pistachio Cheddar have both won Gold medals with the Cranberry winning top of it’s class in the DIAA Australian Dairy Awards.

Triple Cream Brie
Full flavoured for a brie with a salty, mushroomy flavour and aroma and buttery texture. For stronger flavour and oozy cheese serve closer to it’s use by date. Shelf life 6-8 weeks.
Camembert Style
A Camembert style cheese with a subtle rind this cheese is best eaten ripe, and has the perfect consistency for baking. Shelf life 6-8 weeks.
Black Magic
Black Garlic Triple Cream Brie
Unique to Hunter Belle, our decadent triple cream brie with a savoury centre of black fermented garlic. Shelf life 6-8 weeks.
Ash Briebelle
Ashed Triple Cream Brie
DIAA Australian Gold medal winning triple cream brie coated in ash giving this cheese even more decadence creating a protective layer allowing the brie to get extra gooey. Shelf life 6-8 weeks.
Washed Rind Soft Cheese
Our “stinky cheese” although the it is more mild than the aroma suggests and is delightfully complex. For extra pungency serve close to its used by date. Shelf life 6-8 weeks.
Marinated Labna
Labna style cheese, thick, slightly salty and tangy with a very smooth texture. Marinated in a lemon-pepper olive oil blend or natural for food service. Shelf Life 6-8 weeks.
Herb & Garlic Fetabelle
Marinated Feta
DIAA Australian Gold medal winning Feta cheese. Delightfully creamy whilst firm enough to crumble the cheese is salty and full of flavour. Also available in blocks or 3kg food service with brine or oil. Shelf life 4-6 months.
Blue Moon
Semi Hard Blue Vein
A mild semi-hard mild blue vein cheese. A cross between a cheddar and a soft blue, Blue Moon works beautifully when paired with a sweet jam or wine. Shelf life 4 months.
Crumbly yet creamy Australian Feta Cheese. Sold in 200g blocks for retail or in 3kg buckets in brine.
Handmade Vintage Cheddar
A 9 month old handmade cheddar with a creamy texture but still a little crumbly. The flavour is pleasantly sharp with a touch of barnyard at the end. Shelf life 6-8 months.
Ol Smokey
Cold Smoked Cheddar
Cold smoked vintage cheddar. Using Applewood bark creating a rich, sweet, intensely smokey cheese. The cheddar evolves into a creamy, delicate texture. Shelf life 4-6 months.
Red Rouda
Aged Gouda Style
A dutch style gouda, the vibrant red comes from Annatto, a natural colouring. This semi-hard cheese is delicately caramelised with a sweet nutty bite. Shelf life 4-6 months.
Hunter Haloumi
BBQ Cheese
DIAA Australia Gold medal winning haloumi. Squeeky, salty, deliciously flavoursome this is best served grilled, bbq’d or fried. Shelf life 4-6 months.
Natural Yoghurt
Handmade natural yogurt is full bodied with smooth texture and balanced with good acidity. No additives, thickeners or preservatives. Use for sweet or savoury. Shelf life 4-6 weeks
Jersey Butter
Old fashioned butter from our locally sourced jersey cream. Handmade and lightly salted. A sweet creamy taste with a golden colour and velvet texture. Shelf life 3 months.
Caramelised Onion & Thyme Cheddar
Flavoured Cheddar
A crumbly, handmade club cheddar cheese. It is a Gold medal winner at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Awards and is the most popular of the club cheddar range. Shelf Life 5-6 months.
Cranberry & Pistachio Cheddar
Flavoured Cheddar
Sweet and salty flavours of cranberries and crushed pistachio kernels. Well balanced and not overly sweet - the cheddar is still recognisable in this pairing. Shelf Life 5-6 months.
Smokey BBQ Bacon
Flavoured Cheddar
A crumbly cheddar cheese packed with a bold bacon flavour and cold smoked cheddar. Shelf Life 5-6 months
Beer Cheese
Flavoured Cheddar
Infused with IronBark Hill Brewhouse IPA beer. The combination produces a bitter, hoppy cheddar cheese with a delightfully creamy texture. This unique cheese is not just a novelty, but a punchy quality cheddar cheese. Shelf Life 5-6 months
Flavoured Cheddar
A crumbly cheese with taco inspired spices at the front with a big chilli kick at the back. This unique cheese is not just a novelty, but a punchy quality cheddar cheese. Shelf Life 5-6 months
Herb & Garlic Cheddar
Flavoured Cheddar
Herb & Garlic Cheddar is a club cheddar packed full of flavour. The crumbly cheese is punchy with herbs and garlic. Try melting over a baguette or in scrambled eggs. Shelf Life 5-6 months
Cottage Cheese
Fresh Cheese
Hunter Belle country style Cottage Cheese is a nutritious accompaniment to all kinds of meals and snacks. Firmer than traditional cottage cheese it's creamy goodness is a great source of protein. Shelf life 3-4 weeks.
Hunter Belle Milk
Full Cream and Lite Milk
Unhomogenised (cream on top). Naturally high in protein Produced and bottled in the Hunter Valley High protein means great frothing milk!
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